What’s New…

Hi.  I’m Dion Gold.  My newest book is called “Raising the Limits” and will be released by Ellora’s Cave under EC for Men, but I assure you that ladies will enjoy this book as well.  Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Unassuming, friend-zone dweller Jacob Bradley has his first fuck buddy.  Even he doesn’t understand how it happened, but here he is.   As the relationship with insanely hot professional poker player Kira King heats up, cards will be dealt that make Jacob question his decision to press his luck in this no strings attached fling.

His friend Matt, always the more aggressive, adept flirter, is proud of Jacob’s conquest, but reminds him that nothing this good comes without a price.  An untamed woman like Kira could definitely get a straight-laced guy like Jacob into a lot of trouble.  Is outrageous, animalistic sex worth the gamble?  Can Jacob go “all in” with a pro and come out on top or will his luck run out?

Now doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?!

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